• We plan and create a campaign which includes the following information from the client
    1. Targeted location for the ad
    2. Type of customers for your ad.
    3. Strategy selection for bidding
  • After the collection of information, ad groups are created for each keyword.
  • Then we divide the products into different categories and write a description for the ad. Make some variation while writing ads for the products to check the analytics. This helps us to know the performance of the advertisement.

When the customer clicks the ad, he will be directed to the landing page. The landing page must live up to the expectation. It has to reveal what is actually shown in the ad and must be user-friendly. We ensure that our well-experienced team will deliver the best service with an effective cost.


  • Choosing the right keyword: Choosing the right keywords for the ad is not an easy task. The customer uses certain keywords on search engines while searching for a particular product. We are proficient in selecting the keywords so that your ad is visible to the right customer. Because our aim is not just to increase the traffic, we convert them into customers.
  • Placing of the ad and its analysis: When we start the ad campaign, we run it into a targeted location and for the targeted customers. The analytics gives us the idea of the quality and performance of the ad.
  • Ranking on Google: Over the past year, we have worked for so many industries that it becomes our strength to shine the brands on google. We craft the campaigns in a unique and creative way to rank the brand on the top of the google search engine.