Service Offerings

  • AI consultation We provide technical AI consultation to the customer. The AI Consultation includes the assistance and guidance about the chatbots through which customers get the idea and benefits of incorporating chatbots in the business.
  • Development and Deployment of AI Chatbots We develop and design the chatbot which fulfills the customer's requirements. Our developed chatbots developed using the latest technology and are user-friendly.
  • Support and MaintenanceWe provide life - long quality assurance, support, and maintenance to our customers. We also resolve customer queries related to chatbots.


  • Requirement Analysis - Study the business and make a list of requirements of the business.
  • Conceptual Design - Plan the design and functionalities of the chatbot..
  • Task analysis - Analyse the tasks and divide them into the team.
  • Graphical Prototype - Create a graphical prototype which can fulfill the expectation of the client.
  • Production - Design and develop the chatbot.
  • Deployment & Maintenance - After testing, install the flawless chatbot. Ongoing support and maintenance are provided to the clients.

Benefits of Incorporating Chatbots in the Website

  • 24*7 Customer Service: Chatbots avoids the gap between customers and business. It helps you to resolve your queries at anywhere and anytime. It increases the engagement with your business and establishes trust among the customers.
  • Management of E-Commerce business: During chat interaction, the chatbot helps the customers to view the product, purchase it and organize their shopping cart. It is a great help in managing the E-commerce business.
  • Increase the engagement with the site visitors: Chatbots helps in engaging with the visitors as they show the content based on their past history or their preferences.

These applications help in

  • Easy synchronization of the content
  • Decrease the complexity of the business
  • Improve the performance of the business
  • Boost productivity
  • Streamline the business process
  • Multifarious features